Remember when...

I wrote lots of posts every couple days? Let's try that again...I'm in NYC for the weekend with the lovely E.S.R. We had out official Christmas together and exchanged several gifts. I bought E a new IHome. The one she had really didn't work correctly any longer and it was simply long over due. For my big present, E is actually taking me out to a nice dinner...food happens to be one of my favorite things in the world so it works out.

Sports thoughts: Sox have potential for next season but don't expect the title. They needed a big bat in their lineup (Bay or Holliday) and neither happend. Addition by subtraction? I don't buy it. B's...average...not end to the title draught this year. Pats...first playoff game this weekend...they will probably win because without Welker they really are a completely different team and the element of surprise will help them win. Beating San Diego or Indy? Not without Welker. Better luck next year. Celts, Boston's best shot at a title this year. A few injuries but nothing they can't overcome. A finals matchup against the Lakers will be the most likely of cases. With a balanced bench, an unbelievable starting 5 and probably the second best defender in the league next to KG (Sheed) I think the Celts will be raising yet another banner come next October.

Alright...I'm out...see ya in...a few days hopefully?

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